January 29, 2023

What is Marketing Automation? How does it work? Proceeds?

Marketing automation was born to help companies execute their marketing proposals efficiently and agilely. That way, companies could achieve their goals in record time.

From here we are going to name some of the most popular marketing automation tools and explain what it will bring to your company.

Marketing automation : tools

Marketing automation is a novel technology that manages marketing processes and campaigns in the best possible way with the automatic use of different channels.

This system allows companies to address their customers through automated messages, either through social networks, email or the website. These types of messages are sent automatically based on specific instructions called workflows, which can be customized from scratch or modified during the campaign.

Marketing automation is used by marketing and sales departments to automate online marketing campaigns as well as sales activities in order to increase revenue and boost efficiency.

With this type of automation, employees will no longer have to invest time in repetitive tasks and will be able to address other issues of a higher nature. With this system, times are reduced to the maximum.

We must also emphasize the concept of inbound marketing automation, based on a strategy whose mission is to attract new visitors to the web to convert them into loyal customers. If we have named this strategy it is because together with a good marketing automation software they form the perfect binomial.

That said, we are going to present you the marketing automation tools with the best market expectations.


Salesforce Marketing Automation allows you to include a digital marketing strategy without the need for users to manually send each email or message, the result of a digital advertising campaign.

Salesforce Marketing Automation

Once the campaign has been implemented, workers will be able to focus on other tasks. Then, they will be able to analyze the results and adjust the marketing plan as they try to improve them. There is no doubt that this is a marketing strategy that saves time and resources, and grows the business by boosting revenue and ROI(Return On Investment).

The Salesforce tool allows you to collect customer data through different interactions, whether social networks, web visits, application use or emails. This data will serve to get an approximate idea of the purchasing attitude of each customer.

From here, automation will proceed to streamline the process to determine the right audience and customize the messages that each customer has to receive based on their profile; Shipments that it will do automatically. That way we can offer personalized experiences to customers, regardless of whether a company has 1000 or a million contacts in its database.

Salesforce marketing automation has multiple advantages:

  • Get a much more detailed perspective on lead behaviour
  • Customize tracking
  • Saves time to focus on other tasks
  • Prioritize candidates
  • Make future predictions more effective
  • Improves marketing ROI


It is an online CRM with which the company can identify its audience, design the most appropriate content and implement actions automatically taking into account the behavior and needs of the client.

Within Zoho Marketing Automation, the customer journey takes on special relevance, as we can customize each step based on customer data. The manual and repetitive jobs of the marketing functions will be automated, freeing up a lot of resources and time. Marketers, on the other hand, will also gain greater knowledge of their customers and allow better targeted campaigns.

This automation software successfully manages all marketing activities to generate leads and gain their loyalty for a long time. To make this possible we can interact with the public at each stage of the journey, from the first contact, and create specific routes according to the particularities and interests of the client.

Through Zoho marketing automation it is possible to carry out a complete management of leads and then transfer the data to the sales team. By understanding the needs of the public, we will be able to carry out a personalized experience that exceeds customer expectations.

In addition, it is possible to obtain detailed reports with valuable metrics that will cover the entire journey, from customer acquisition to loyalty. With this we can take corrective measures to achieve goals quickly and concisely.

Marketing Automation: examples

From here we are going to name some examples of marketing automation so you can get an idea of the potential of this tool:

Welcome emails

They are an opportunity to make a good impression among subscribers. Thanks to marketing automation it is possible to create welcome emails with interesting proposals that help conversion.

This is the case, for example, of Topshop, the fashion firm that sends automated welcome emails to new subscribers, which include immediate purchase offers and small discounts. Other "educational" emails can then be sent with relevant information about fashion or similar.

Reminder emails

Reminder emails are a great option to remind the customer of a certain date. Also to emphasize the brand, so that you continue to buy the products and services of it.

In this way, Nissan, having relevant information about its customers such as the date of purchase of their vehicle, takes advantage of this circumstance to activate a reminder email after a few months to schedule a first service appointment. It should not be forgotten that maintenance services are part of the income obtained by the manufacturer.

Birthday or anniversary

Sending customers special offers for their birthday is another type of strategy to increase revenue, while also pleasing the customer. To do this we need to have the date of birth of the client and add it to the relevant email list. Many well-known companies take into account this marketing strategy such as Mango or Birchbox.

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