February 5, 2023

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Today, immersed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, elements such as artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things (with their advantages and disadvantages) are transforming the customer experience.

More than ever, data has become a fundamental factor that marketers, in order to implement intelligent strategies, must control, manage and make sense of. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a great supporter to address these challenges.

What is Marketing Cloud for?

Marketing Cloud is Salesforce's cloud for Marketers that enables you to create personalized, omnichannel, automated customer experiences and measure results. With this marketing automation tool, marketers can send the right messages to the right people through the right channel.

Salesforce marketing cloud used for

This suite, based on the Salesforce infrastructure, consists of a series of tools aimed at improving an organization's marketing strategy. Its applications are numerous, from storing customer data to building predictive models of the customer journey or maintaining the content and messages of the organization.

It also provides tools to perform analysis and marketing operations with the data obtained from customers. Its adaptability allows the use of several channels (email, mobile, ads, social networks etc) to connect with customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

Marketing Cloud stands out among other marketing platforms for its features and utilities. It provides a platform to plan, personalize and optimize the customer journey.

The main benefit of using Marketing Cloud is that it allows you to impact the right person at the right time through the most appropriate channel with the ad hoc message.

It also offers some important advantages such as :

  • Learn more about customers.
  • Plan, optimize, and personalize the customer experience.
  • Take care of your customers as they progress in their experience.
  • Map the customer journey across multiple channels, devices, and customer lifecycle stages.
  • Analyze and evaluate the impact of each customer interaction to determine the strengths and failures in their processes.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

Tools that compose it (and its characteristics)

It incorporates a complete suite of cross-channel tools for the digital management of customer journey, email, mobile, social media, web personalization, online advertising, content generation and analytics.

The most outstanding are :

Journey Builder

It is a campaign planning tool that allows you to design and automate campaigns that guide customers through their experience with a brand. Its basis is the customer journey. Contacts enter from an input source. The tour continuously evaluates contacts to determine when to move them to the next activity.

Email Studio

With Email Studio it is possible to fully manage emailing marketing campaigns, from the beginning, creation, to the end, measurement, both with our own reports and with SQL Queries that offers personalized, more concrete and detailed information.

Mobile Studio

It allows you to use the data you have on your Marketing Cloud platform to reach customers by sending personalized SMS messages, push notifications, and group messages to their phones.

In addition to complementing other channels like email, social media, and the web, mobile marketing gives you something extra : the ability to deliver urgent messages directly to the devices customers use most.

Social Studio

Connect salespeople, sales teams, and customer service teams to your social channels to post relevant content, listen to and analyze what customers are saying about your brand, and engage them to create meaningful relationships.

Advertising Studio

It is the platform that integrates digital advertising with marketing and CRM data to create personalized experiences with customers. It also improves acquisition strategies by helping companies find new audiences and customers.

Salesforce DMP

Formerly known as Audience Studio, DMP is the data management platform that collects information from its own sources and external sources to create detailed user profiles and is key in the digital marketing strategy : capture, unify and activate your data to strengthen relationships with your customers.

Who is it for? Who is it for?

Marketing Cloud is a product aimed at a wide variety of customers, from large enterprises to non-profit organizations. In fact, it is already used by some of the most important companies in Spain and the world, including Sony, Spotify, Toyota, Iberostar, TiendAnimal and Zurich. These leading brands know that it's more important than ever to develop and nurture real relationships, to enable their customers' success, generate revenue, and increase their ROI.

Therefore, any business that wants to achieve success must be able to connect with its customers online, but overcoming the traditional dynamics followed so far. Therefore, there are many marketing departments that choose to adopt the Marketing Cloud solution.

Why use Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the perfect tool for crafting marketing automation strategies and custom strategies. And it keeps improving, with constant updates. The wide range of utilities it offers can give the power to completely transform the way marketing campaigns are executed to be not only more effective, but also more efficient.

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