February 26, 2023

What is OKTA? What problems does it solve?

Benefits of Implementing 
Identity Management 

Identity management is called an integrated computer system of policies and processes that aims to facilitate, homogenize and control the process of managing access to computer systems, applications and web pages.

This concept is fundamentally related to computer systems, a medium in which the protection of personal information or databases and the control of access to both personal and professional applications are absolutely critical. To improve the safety of these processes is OKTA.

The problem of computer security

The malicious use of hackers, or why not say it too, of the users of the system themselves to generate economic profit or simply to carry out espionage or sabotage tasks, is unfortunately increasingly frequent.

This area of computer security is something that all modern companies have had to face at some point, either when they have developed software, or when they have used third-party software that requires identification, authentication and authorization of access.

In addition, lately it has also become its use for the control of physical access of people, such as the entry and exit of buildings and general or special facilities, through cards (electronic or magnetic) and biometric devices.

However, unfortunately, on many occasions companies have not had the necessary resources, nor in some cases enough knowledge to face the problem with professional guarantees.

Authorization of access

How does OKTA work?

To prevent some companies from putting their technological assets, their data and, why not say it, maybe their businesses, at NTS Seidor, OKTA's partner for Spain, we have prepared a 25-minute webinar in which we explained, in great detail, what are the problems solved by an identity management system such as the leading IDaaS OKTA solution, what is the approach of such a solution and how they are finally resolved.

Carlos Polo, NTS partner responsible for offering mobility and jobs, will raise problems that many companies face on a daily basis :

  • Obsolete or low security login systems and little usable.
  • The difficulties of implementing a MultiFactor solution in the different corporate legacy systems.
  • The problem in the management of the life cycle of internal users.
  • Logins for customers on ecommerce websites.
  • Problems due to overconfidence with external collaborators.
  • Spiteful employees selling access credentials to systems on the deep web.

After these problems, the webinar agenda will include the solutions to each of them, including the description of the different modules and functionalities of OKTA:

  • Authentication systems and development SDKs.
  • Adaptive multifactor.
  • User lifecycle management.
  • Single Sign On.
  • Centralized management console.
  • Access to privileged systems.
  • Etc.

If you have 25 minutes, it's your time, here is our webinar on the benefits of implementing the OKTA identity management system.

Watch webinar

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