January 8, 2023

Meet Einstein, Salesforce's artificial intelligence!

We are hyper-connected and the sum of each digital interaction we carry out in our day to day is an endless accumulation of data. Best of all, this data can help us boost our sales, improve our marketing campaigns and provide the personalised and fast service that our customers demand today. Now, how is it possible to correctly use all that continuous flow of data to meet our expectations? Through Salesforce Artificial Intelligence.

Apply Salesforce AI to your business

Users are used to buying on platforms of great popularity and other companies must put themselves at the same level when providing the same service to which they are accustomed. And this is where Artificial Intelligence appears, responsible for transforming the way we act with customers.

Brands must know how to distinguish their customers and the reasons that have led them to buy something certain online. In fact, when it comes to maximising our goals, it is essential to know their preferences based on their purchase history to suggest other products according to their tastes.

This principle is applicable to any type of business. In addition, today, customers know that companies have their data and expect a fast, intelligent and personalised response to facilitate interaction as much as possible.

In Salesforce we have Einstein, a tool of great potential that will help you in your sales processes when automating tasks or by proposing concrete actions to improve results.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein will allow you to work smarter in your CRM that is, when managing customer relationships. That way, you won't need the help of a team of developers to collect and prepare data, develop correct models, and integrate predictions associated with the end user.

An AI project can become long and tedious. The first thing is to determine the real problems of the business, as well as collect and use the available data to be able to solve them. It will then be necessary to allocate resources and the necessary infrastructure to solve them immediately.

Einstein is the AI technology that is integrated into CRM applications, in such a way that you will obtain the same results with your own AI equipment, but without so many complications and waste of time in between.

Artificial intelligence in CRM

By adding artificial intelligence to CRM, the way you interact with customers changes completely. This system allows us to focus everything on what matters most, offering reliable predictions and recommendations according to the business process in question and customer data.

The purpose is to use valuable information to automate actions and responses so that our professional team is more productive and that our clients are satisfied with the contracted service.

In short, managing and analysing customer interactions based on the data generated will be easier. Also improve the company-client relationship and carry out loyalty actions and boost sales.

Artificial intelligence in Salesforce CRM

Contribute to the advancement of your business with Einstein

Einstein's AI features are easily integrated into the workplace so CRM can grow efficiently and productively. Only in this way, customers will be delighted with the services offered.

What Einstein does is create intelligent applications, as well as business processes and workflows for each industry. In sales, for example, the platform acts as a guide to determine who are the best prospects and increase the chances of sale. In this way, conversion rates increase and more negotiations are closed.

In marketing, Einstein helps subject matter experts deliver the right content to the right customer, at the right time, through the right channel. That way, user engagement increases.

In the service area, Einstein will help customers find instant answers on their chosen channels. In the same way, it will grant assistance to the agents in charge of solving open cases, so that they can classify them and promote an optimal service quickly.

As for the commerce area, Einstein will be responsible for recommending the best products to each type of customer, at the right time. thus boosting the profits obtained.

advancement of your business with Einstein BOT


In short, Salesforce, of which NTS is a distributor for Spain, comes to your aid so that you can integrate Artificial Intelligence into your processes and functionalities efficiently without having to be an expert. You will only need some notions to make the most of its multiple functionalities.

Companies do nothing but invest in courses, new computer systems, reorganisation methods and many other areas to improve results. Now, why not do it in the implementation of an effective system that works for you to help your employees and customers automatically. Applying AI to your CRM will help you boost the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Artificial Intelligence is already part of the present and Einstein is a great tool to get the most out of it and adapt to the customer of tomorrow.

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